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could be premature."We don't know anything yet," Ciarini told Xinhua. "We don't know what the investigations will turn up, we don't kn

ow if the government can remove the concession or if they want ▓to do it for all their holdings or just the bridge, and we don't know if they want to replace ▓them with another company or if the inten▓tion is for the state to take over."Conte, Toninelli,

and Di▓ Maio all said that the government should step in.

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ntino said in an interview. "I don't▓ believe anyone is making technical assessment▓s yet."Italy privatized its national road network starting in the 1990s, in part to im

prove efficiency and attract fresh investment.Mat▓teo Salvini, the interior minister of Italy,▓ said Wednesday that Italy's Civil Protection Agency est▓imated it would

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unt on infr▓astructure -- the figure is the equivalent to more than a tenth of the government's annual budget this year --▓ but Salvini said he wants to use that argument to ask the European Union to give the country more flexibility for its 2019 budget under budget deficit rules.Financial analysts said fears that Italy could add to debt figures, which was already the sec▓ond highest in the E

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uropean Union in terms of▓ a percentage of gross domestic product, have made some investors worry that the country might have a hard time paying off its debt. Those fears have also pushed bond yields h

igher, increasing the ▓amount the government has to pay to borrow money.So fa▓r, the EU officials have not commented specifically on Salvi▓ni's remarks, but they have noted that in April they appro▓ve

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